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Our 1st Team currently play in the Leicestershire & Rutland Women’s Senior League: Division 1. We are a fun yet competitive bunch of ladies, who are striving to be crowned league champions (having finished runners-up in the previous 2 full seasons). The team is always on the look out for experienced players to join us on our journey


Our development team are in the Leicestershire Womens Senior League.

They include players 16+ gaining experience going forward, older players who still enjoy the game, and people who might have never played before, everyone is welcome!

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We are the longest serving junior team at the club. We have been together for 6 years now. Some girls have been with the club a lot longer. Our team play in the Leicester city and county girls league. We believe in the right attitude towards training and games, along with positivity amongst ourselves and others. A lot of our team also help mentor the younger age groups. They also help coach and referee games. Many of these players will go on to represent the development and hopefully the first team on their  own footballing journey

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We have been together for 2 seasons, made up of both u12 teams when they moved up. We try and concentrate on working with the ball and ball skills ready for the move to 11 a side matches but look forward to the challenge. We welcome players of any ability from school year 10.

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This team had been together for over 4 years with lots of new players joining along the way. This season we move to 11 a side and look forward to the challeges that will bring. We accept all levels of players from school year 9.

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This team has been together for 3 years now and are developing skills based around defending and attacking in 9v9 situations. We try to develop players through having fun and working as a team. We are a very welcoming bunch and have a full range of abilities. We cater for school year 8.

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We play at Leicester City and County Girls League

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We play at Leicester City and County Girls League


We play at Leicester City and County Girls League

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This team have been together for around 2 years, along with new recruits all aged 8 & 9, school year 4. We play 5v5 and focus on the development of the girls but also their enjoyment of the game. Everyone is welcome of all abilities.

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Our under 7's are school year 2. We are still learning and developing ball control and are now registered in the league to play games. Everyone is welcome even if you've never kicked a ball before.

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Our under 6's team join us at the age of 5 years old. These are school years reception and year 1. You don't need to be able to kick a ball. Its all about learning ball skills and enjoying the game.


We also teach tiny tots basic ball skills and build an enjoyment of football. You will find a lot of our older kids doing most of the coaching here as that is a big part of our club!!